More on working with wood as a painting or finishing surface. Not all art pieces on wood need to be painted. There are many ways to artistically use wood to work with to create art pieces. Let’s discuss a few of these. Wood burning is a popular and fairly simple art form. 


Anyone from a 9-year-old to 90 can do this hobby and get good results. Just have to caution the 9-year-old about burning their fingers. You can also wood burn on leather for cool effects. Wood burning is a craft that can be very easy for beginners or complex for the more experienced crafter. 


The more experienced crafter usually makes their own designs to transfer onto the wood for burning. These pieces can be framed and hung on the wall. They also make beautiful trophy plaques for someone deserving of an accomplishment. There is a technique using wood that gives you a lacy effect product. 


These crafts require a certain amount of practice and skill but make a very effective project. Usually, the craftsperson uses some kind of template either a commercially made template or one they designed themselves. The pattern is transferred to the wood, then cut out. This could be done with either woodworking tools, or a small lathe. There is usually a lot of sanding taking place during the process. 


Artists of this caliber use high quality wood. These pieces can either be used as trivets or hung on the wall as a decorative piece. There are different qualities and types of wood available for use. The exotic woods aren’t available anymore because of the preservation of these trees in the rain forest. 


If you see wood like that on the market, it may either be fake or black-market wood. They are not supposed to be harvesting wood from the rainforest for any purpose right now. I’m not positive but I believe there are laws with consequences for possessing exotic illegal woods from the rainforest. Check your sources! Wood is always a nice option if you are looking for a different medium to work with. Such a variety of options for projects with beautiful and useful results.

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