Do you ever get flashes of ideas that hit you all at once? Or perhaps as you are working a flood of new inspiration flakes off from the work you are in progress? If so, do you somehow keep track of all this innovation before it leaves you? 


Sometimes in my own work I am guilty of not making notes as these things happen. When I don’t, I lose a lot of valuable information I could use for later. Trying to retrieve that is almost impossible because there has been too much time and things happening in between the thought and the time to do anything about it. Work of advice: Take notes as you get these ideas!!!


I have had experiences in dreams that awaken me to cause me to get up, find a scrap of paper and a pencil, and note what the idea was. Was it a dream? Where did that thought come from while asleep? I have no idea; I am not a dream expert. But I do know, those revelations are often times fleeting and won’t stay around for you to pull them into consciousness.


These notes don’t have to be thesis length. A word or two, or a small sketch will be enough to recall detail. Just something related to the thought will kick in the process of recall to get the work situated on a full-blown sketch, or it could even be a writing idea, or musical score. Even Beethoven took notes on napkins in restaurants as he received inspiration from who knows where. So this happens to the best of us.


The second thought here is how and where do you keep these little snippets of information? It is practical and useful to keep an art journal with you all the time, or even a post-it note will do, but you have to keep these things in a central location so you can find them. I know the mentality of artists and we get a little “flaky” sometimes about our organization. 


If you keep your notes in a box or binder so you know exactly where to retrieve them, it will make better use of your time than looking through every other scrap of paper in your studio.


This is experience speaking here friends. Those little “thoughts” and inspirational blasts are important and are given to you for a reason. Keep track of them to honor your gift and give it good reason to serious thought about development from idle thought to masterpiece~!

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