Deciding what to do next can sometimes be frustrating. A lot of time is lost sitting looking at a blank canvas, or computer screen because you don’t know what to create. It is daunting and finding a solution isn’t always easy. 


Of course there are many ways to solve this problem, but sometimes it is in the tiniest of places where it suddenly becomes quite obvious what is there. In other words, one can find inspiration in the weirdest of places. 


A few days ago, there was a commentary about looking at and seeing unobvious interesting things. I used the example of an ant carrying a very large load. Let’s use that example again and expound more on what can actually be done with this. It may surprise you. We can think in terms of more than one of the arts with this one which is true of most ideas. Lines are blurred between the actual arts and what you can do with them. Sometimes putting them together is the thing that works best. 


Let’s take a look at literature. There could be a great story behind this ant struggling along with this big load. It could be an SEL lesson for school or written into a child’s book. So many possibilities. The mere idea of this tiny little insect conquering such a big task is a lesson in unto itself. What about dance? 


I can visualize several types of dances using this theme. The techniques you could apply would be fantastic. There could be modern dance, ballet, or mime, just to name a few. Can you see how the style would change between these different types of dances, and yet the message could be the same. The same would go for musical styles. 


The perspectives of visual arts are limitless. You could draw or paint from the ant’s point of view, or from the ant’s colony watching. It could be micro or macro depending on the feel you are after. Again, limitless opportunity here. Just one example of a simple fix about what to work with your art. Looking at the world with a different lens may start a trend or give you a whole series of new work to begin with. Think small with BIG ideas.

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