Those of us who dabble in more than one form of art understand how so many of the elements of these different media blend and are interchangeable quite easily. Many of the terms are and can be used interchangeably and are understood by all of the communities that work with them. A universal language so to speak. Musicians of different cultures with no common language other than their art can sit down together and produce, either visual or music, and perfectly understand one another. What a wonderful thing. 

Most artists are “on the same page” not only with mutual understanding but also in temperament. We are sensitive to not only our art but also one another. There is always a chord hit when artists gather to commune with their art. If you have ever worked as a musician in an opera, stage play, or any other performance with a myriad of artists to fill the jobs – set artists, dancers, musicians, actresses/actors, writers, producers. It is always an interesting experience working outside of your own area. The personalities of each one of these sets of people are different. They work, respond, and collaborate differently. Unique and individual yet as a team they get the job done. Having worked in both theater and stage musicals as a musician their backstage party after the last performance is always a hoot! Those people can P-A-R-T-Y!!! The party is always a nice release after completing the cycle of performance. It is a great release for everyone knowing the performance was fun and a success, but relief knowing it is finished.

Having worked in a big corporation, as I’ve mentioned before, there were many different art positions there as well. Designers (the department I was in), sculptors, paint chemists who had to match color and figure out formulas for different paint with different functions. I remember a young man in this department was trying his best to imitate the green used in Chinese ceramics. He tried and tried. Came up with one that was very close, but not exact. The last I knew of him he was still trying to figure out what those ancient artists did to get that particular green. Challenging!!!

It is good for us to work with other artists of different media. A performance can be pulled together and given to bring unbelievable accolades from the audience. The unique quality of everyone’s art used together to create a whole new world. What a great experience~!

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