Leigh and I have developed an art program designed to help general classroom teachers overcome the fear of teaching art within the typical core curriculum in daily teaching. If you don’t have any background in art trying to implement art into math, science, history, or ELA can be daunting. I understand this as most of us can try to do something with no specialized training. 


The fact is you don’t need specialized training to do this. Thus Integr8Art. Every subject a teacher teaches has standards. It is understandable that all teachers and schools are on the same page as far as advancing their students at a certain pace to a certain level. 


This is what the standards are for, common expectations. There have to be checks and balances to control this or education would be all over the place. This, of course, doesn’t mean all schools are in the same place or level which depends on many things, school, and classroom curriculum management, checks and balances for student achievement and teacher performance as example. 


As in all common classroom subjects art too has its standards to follow. Whereas it is a discipline all its own there are rigid expectations teachers must adhere to. Art teachers address and apply these standards in their lesson plans as all teachers should and do. 


Learning is different at different educational levels. High schools have art teachers who don’t teach anything else, or at least that is their main focus. They have a single-subject credential to teach that. In K-8 schools, teachers have a multiple-subject credential which means they teach all subjects. But, when it comes to art, this is where the fear/reluctance sets in. They haven’t enough experience/training in the arts to feel adequate to teach it. 


This is the reason we have developed the Integr8art program. This program walks teachers through all four general disciplines – math, science, history, ELA with art imbedded into the lessons. These subjects become art enhanced with the addition of projects and extensions including art. 


Once teachers practice and learn from the included art integration lesson plan template, it will become second nature to include the arts. Teachers will wonder whatever they would do without it! This program is available to school’s grades K-8 in and out of California. Very adaptable and can be made available through many sources of funding in the school system.

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