A little more about dispelling teaching art for general classroom teachers. As a young student I remember having art one day a week, Friday afternoon after lunch. We were allowed around an hour for drawing or whatever the assignment was. I do remember one activity; I don’t know why this one has stuck with me over the years, but it has. 


We were illustrating the pioneers coming across the country during the 1800’s. I was drawing a covered wagon horse-drawn, and a family visible in the front. I remember being very proud of that project and having such great fun drawing and coloring it. These are the kinds of memories we want to give our students. When I think about this, my teacher that year was integrating art into the curriculum. I am sure we were probably in 4th grade studying the move out west.


I honestly don’t recall ever hearing anything about art integration until I was in the teaching profession, either as a student or a parent. The trends in education ebb back and forth with some years very lean for art. This reality doesn’t need to exist if art integration happens. It is built into the core curriculum. 


The program I mentioned before, Integr8Art, dispels any confusion or fear a classroom teacher may have. Below are a few tips to keep in mind if you are a teacher and are plagued with this scary thought. TEACHERS!! Afraid of making mistakes teaching art when you “think” you can’t teach art? • 

Mistakes are a learning process. We ALL make mistakes! Don’t let this “get to you”! • Look for solutions as you teach. This will develop inspiration into your teaching and deepen your problem solving and thinking skills just like it does for your students. • Don’t be ashamed of “dumping” a project if it doesn’t work! There is NO shame in doing this. Re-think and change it or do something else. 


Research to see if you can improve that lesson or create another lesson from the format you just used. Re-vamp, revise, reuse! Whether a seasoned teacher or a newbie, don’t let the word “art” scare you when designing interesting, forward-thinking lessons. You students will LOVE you for it and you will be adding invaluable skills and techniques to their learning.

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