Things (stuff) change rapidly over time. It seems to happen faster now than ever before. There are so many things my parents and grandparents used regularly that have now ceased to exist. Well, at least go buy them in the store. 


It goes without saying, technology has changed the most. I remember when ALL we had for entertainment in the evening was a radio. As the radio played, we all were doing some kind of craft. You don’t need to watch a radio play. Now the only time I really listen to the radio is the news and talk shows on KMJ while driving to and from work. 


Technology has also radically changed how we communicate. Hardly anyone ever writes letters anymore. We either call or text if we want someone to know something. Nothing comes in snail mail anymore except junk mail and bills. Even the bills have changed because most of those are paid online.


I remember anxiously awaiting letters from my cousins or friends from England. Now, that can all be said in an email. When you think about this, there is one thing that has changed very little, and I suspect will not in the near future, unless it concerns AI. 


Art structures, the Elements and Principles, techniques, styles, perimeters, and rules. You can pretty well rely on the arts to remain steady. This is a good thing when you teach. There have been some updates and changes over the years, but the arts remain steady all in all. There have been some additions to old favorites in the medium area; watercolor pencils, pastel pencils, intense inks, things like that. All of these are amazing to use and fun. 


Of course, we don’t have to mix our own pigments anymore either, that is a blessing. We have it made when it comes to our art mediums. A bit of comparison here. Things will change, that is inevitable but the arts no matter what medium you work are pretty constant.

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