This subject is one of my favorites, and I suppose this is why I keep bringing it up. So, if you get tired of hearing about it, forgive me. One of my goals in life it to try to get people, and especially art people, to look more. Open the eyes to see more than the deluge of ads and technology. I’m not talking about looking around your house to see what needs done, but what you observe outside the range of your normal, everyday pathway. 


Look for the minute worlds that exist around you that go unnoticed. The moss on the side of a rock, an ant struggling to carry a huge load, a few strands of straw and twine on the ground that had been dropped by a bird during nest building. There are so many possibilities in all of this for your creativity. Creativity goes way beyond the norms of average people. A creative person can look at one simple thing that may spark a flood of artistic ideas. This is normal for us. It doesn’t take much to get this kick started. Practicing this type of seeing is very good for your health. 


Didn’t expect that did you? The reason being these initiates the brain to think strategically and artistically at the same time. As we all know, art heals, and does so in some pretty awesome ways. 


Part of this is simply distraction. There is so much energy possibly spent on thinking about art, let alone making it, you don’t have time to think about what may be troubling you. Participating in art is paramount to positive thoughts. It is captivating both for mind and soul, but also physically in the act of making art with your hands, and depending on the art form, body. So, you may say, how does watching an ant carry a heavy load lend itself to art forms? Besides being obvious to the visual arts, think about dance as an example. Could you not develop a dance routine built around that? The possibilities are many. If you are working in literature, does this image spur ideas for a paper or story? I can’t say enough to look, REALLY see, and pay attention to detail. 

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