One of the biggest barriers to finding something to paint or draw really boils down to composition. You can make a composition out of almost anything, just simple things sometimes draw people. 


Simple things in interesting compositions, even for instance, those fork mobiles you sometimes see at craft fairs. Those things fascinate me. Most of those are made from really old forks. I always think and wonder about the history behind those forks. What was the family like that used them? Where did they come from? Did they use them at Christmas and family celebrations? To me, this is fascinating. 


A good way to recycle and make something beautiful and fun at the same time. Composition is important no matter what we are working with. Large or small, simple, or complex, composition can either make or break a wonderful work of art. 


Again, the motif does not have to be complicated or complex, but just the layout of where that article is and its position can create a sensation. Sometimes an object is over-sized, made huge and you only see a portion of it within the margins of the piece. This too makes a very interesting composition. 


Foreshortening can create a very interesting composition. It can throw the viewer in a whole different perspective viewpoint. This will attract attention every time. Again, simplify, but foreshorten. Salvador Dali was a master of foreshortening. In his Art of the Redemption 4: Christ of St. John of the Cross, he has foreshortened from the top of the cross. Not a perspective you see often. Usually it is straight on, or from the bottom, but never the top. Leave it to Dali to find a different viewpoint. 


In another Dali masterpiece, Galatea of the Spheres, he totally disassembled the composition and replaced it with spheres. The figure maintained enough of the assemblage for us to see the face, but the composition is all crazy and disarranged. Total genius! 


Finding a subject to paint or draw shouldn’t be an issue if you start looking at composition. Find a very simple subject and see what you can do to alter the composition to make it interesting and eye catching! It worked for Dali!!

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