When we all first get hold of a pencil or crayon and begin to scribble hopefully on a piece of paper, the attitude is complete focus on the task. Young people will sometimes babble when they are doing this, thinking out loud about what they are doing and the importance of those marks they are making. These marks are uninhibited, but not without purpose. 


The child may feel like it is an experiment – what kind of mark comes out of this writing instrument? Will it be wide or narrow? How far can I go with this mark? This is fun, I’m learning something new and fun!! First experiences. Fun indeed! As artists later on we may go back to these rudimentary marks. It is good exercise to do this. It awakens in the artist sometimes lost ideas and the feeling of discovery happens all over again. 


This is freeing, no rules here only releasing inner emotions in the form of line. Mark making is a powerful means for the artist to relate to the deeper meanings of their work. It is a wonderful form of self-expression and relates directly to the perspective, style and expression of their own unique style. 


Each mark becomes part of the greater whole telling the story of the work. It invites the viewer in to look deeper into the story that is expressed there. Mark making encourages artists to explore and delve into different techniques, materials, and approaches fostering a sense of experimentation and innovation. 


Through innovative mark making artists are pushed to extend the boundaries of traditional techniques and expand the realm of their own style of working. These practices expand not only artistic skills but also artistic growth and development. The act of making marks can be a deeply sensory experience, engaging the artist’s tactile, visual, and kinesthetic senses. 


Marks have the power to invoke responses not only in the artist but the viewer, tapping into a shared language of color, texture, and form that transcends words. As simple as mark making appears it is a powerful tool for artists to use to create and invigorate new skills and techniques to attract viewers to take a second look at something new and different.

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