The mornings up here in the hills are always refreshing. No matter in the middle of winter or the dead of summer the morning always smells and feels refreshing. True, in the winter you may have to wear a coat especially if there is snow on the ground. 


Our elevation permits us to live above the pollution in the valley. Our sky is always bluer (unfortunately there is a forest fire somewhere) and clear. This morning as I was out on the deck feeding the kitties, I heard the call of a couple of ravens in the pine trees. They were having quite a conversation back and forth. 


I always wonder what they are relaying to one another. It could have been a warning about me out on the deck. I read a book about ravens, and they do talk to one another quite a bit. Like other birds their call is different depending on the situation. When they are in, or sense danger their calls are quite loud and chaotic. 


Ravens are quite intelligent and adept at thinking things through. They are quite capable of using strategies to get at food. This has been proven in scientific tests to rate their intelligence and abilities. They can use logic to strategize moves to get things done. Quite interesting for a bird. In our area, and especially up in Yosemite, there are flocks of huge ravens. They seem to stay together as a family or group. They will share food, especially carrion, while in the group. 


Ravens have a wide variety of food choices from carrion to pet food if they can get to it. They will also feast on your garbage can if you don’t keep the lid on it. Up here, we also have the problem of bears and raccoons getting into the trash if it isn’t locked up. Ravens may pester pets especially if they have a nest nearby. 


It is wise for humans to be wary of the ravens if they are nesting. This seems to be the only time they may be a threat to humans while protecting their young. But when you think about it, what animal doesn’t? Sharing one of the joys of living where we do in the mountains. The ravens are native to this area and continue to thrive even with human intervention into their territory.

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