From the very beginning when humans were living in caves someone was making art. The desire to keep records, express emotions with the joy of a hunt, or merely recording an important ceremony, the urge to write/draw/paint was there. 


The full meaning of these ancient markings will never be known, we can only conjecture. But the evidence, the beauty is still there for us to see and learn from. It is through these wall paintings and etchings that we know something about the people who created them. What a wonderful testimony. Self-expression, whether in the form of painting, dance, ceremony, song, exists in every culture across the world. 


The urge to create is innate in us and no matter how hard the conditions may be creativity will be present. The skill to express emotions and feelings is ever present with that skill being inherent to each cultural style. It is strange we teach the elements when color, line, design is always present and beautiful in every culture’s heritage. 


Cultures will use the resources available to them to create their art. They may dye their own fabric and sometimes weave their own fabric, use the natural fauna that grows in their area, or make a sand painting from the sand that is their home in the desert. 


Artists can make something from nothing and make it beautiful. Most artwork was made for a purpose not for selling at a gallery or auctioned at Christie’s. Even in America a lot of what is considered the cottage industry was made purely for utilitarian purposes. It is only recently these fine hand-crafted pieces were considered art and the value has increased. A quilt, for example, was only for keeping people warm in bed. Now these quilts sell for hundreds of dollars and rightly so they are so beautifully made. 


Making art is a natural ability in human beings. It serves as visual text to record history as visual records of clothing style, architecture, and how people looked in by-gone days. Art is part of being human, a very important strand in our being.

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