Life is full of challenges, some big some small, some good and not so good. Whatever kind of challenges face you we mostly buck up and face them one and all. This is part of being in the grown-up crowd, I guess one of our privileges. When you grow older those challenges seem more manageable. One thing that helps is considering one at a time, that way it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Sometimes though, they seem to bunch up and it really gets stressful. 


There is almost always a solution to challenges, if not, we learn to deal with them. There are options. Artists being artists are always almost embracing challenges to their work. This is how we mature and grow, how we avoid becoming stagnant in our work. I think one of the things I wouldn’t be able to tolerate in my own work would be sameness. That would be boring. 


We have to be able to reach out and accept new challenges to keep our work fresh and progressive. So, with that said, it is possible to create our own challenges. They don’t always come from an outside source. Learning to create something new often comes in the form of inspiration like my Keeper series that lasted a good four years. 


Inspiration can lead us into areas unfamiliar and sometimes daunting. The key here is not to resist something that is totally out of your realm, but embrace it as a gift, an invitation to new and uncharted territory. Widening horizons will invigorate your audience. If you as an artist have been working for a while, you may have a following, people who have their radar on you to see what you will produce and show next. 


Keep their interest and change up your style or motif choice, invite them to view you through a new lens. This keeps interest and visibility. You may even pick up new followers with a new style. It also will show your audience how versatile you can be and willing to experiment with new areas. 


A little advice here on challenges with your art world and outside that realm. Face challenges that we meet every day and remember, there are always solutions even if it is just learning how to tolerate or work with these challenges. Be willing to branch out with your artwork and experiment! Keep your work fresh~! Keep your audience guessing!!

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