Like saving ideas on scraps of paper saving scraps of paper just for the paper is another thing! Those of us who do art, and especially collage artists do save stuff because you never know when you might need that! I know, it sounds ridiculous and hoarding-like, and in a way it may be. However, I have saved many things over the years and found opportunities to use them in art in some fashion. If for nothing but using them for your students’ collages at school. You never know these priceless little pieces of treasure might have value somewhere!

Saving a lot of little (and sometimes big) things takes up space. Most of us don’t really have room in our studios for much like this, so we have to come up with some sort of storage solution to keep them handy. I put things away for safe keeping then forget about them. When cleaning out, they are re-discovered with great joy! It’s like a treasure chest of goodies you had forgotten you had. So, you move them somewhere else for safe keeping. 

Something to seriously consider is if someone else is helping you clean and organize. What they think is important or not might not be your same opinion. So, you have to watch what is thrown randomly out. You never know what that might be. LOL It might be wise to take care of your own cleaning and organizing. Help could be scary. 

One of the best places to find small goodies to keep are yard sales. A yard sale can reveal almost anything that an artist might like. One time I found a bunch of cheap jewelry, and interesting paper someone was selling. Of course I grabbed those up. You can do a lot with old jewelry. Paper is a TRUE treasure for collage. Another interesting find is old tableware. One can make some truly interesting mobiles out of old silverware. 

Whatever your treasure, like your inspiration notes, better store them in a box and label it big so you know what is inside. Put it somewhere you look frequently so you can remember you have it and put it to good use. Treasures don’t do you any good hidden in a box somewhere.

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