Being in the eye of an evaluation scares a lot of people, but it shouldn’t. If you have been doing your job properly there is nothing to be afraid of really. There is another way to look at this however, giving yourself an evaluation. Take a serious look at your own work, give it a helpful critique, and make corrections or adjustments. 


There are a lot of finished canvases in my storage. I have had a flurry of shows several years in a row, therefore there are a lot of canvases that do not sell. This is not a bad thing. The good side of this is, you have an accounting of your work over several years on hand that you can go back to for comparisons. 


It is important to see if there has been growth or perhaps stuck in a rut. This is a valuable way to decide where you are going next with your work. A good time to make changes if that would be beneficial. There have been some pleasant surprises in looking back at artwork. You forget how well you work in a certain way that perhaps has been modified and you have forgotten how well the previous style worked. In this case, it may be a good time to retreat a little and work on slightly changing or improving that style. 


This is something only you as the artist can do. Unless you have someone extremely reliable who can give you advice if you want it. This may not always be the best way to go. You can judge your own work and decide usually depending on the level of competency you have as an artist. Spending time looking closely and intently at a piece of work is the best way to critique yourself. You can find tiny little things you might want to change next time or tweak a color or compositional choice for a better piece of work. You will see it soon if you are advanced enough to be critical. 


It may pop right out at you if you have been distanced from the piece long enough to forget small details hidden in the work. Self-evaluation is a good tool to use for your own benefit. It can never hurt to take a second look at previous work or have serious design time before a new piece is launched. Between styles or motifs is a good way to go especially work that has been completed in a series.

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