When you have been painting or working in art in general for a long time, you will probably accumulate quite a stock of your own work. Most of us have pieces that have not sold for whatever reason, we want to keep them in good shape because it is our work. 


There has been a huge investment of time and energy into creating these works. They have value in more than one way. I don’t know of anyone who has a really huge studio where they have ample room for the storage of this work. Keeping our supplies, books and working space takes up a lot of the area of our studio spaces let alone storing art pieces. 


There is a lot to be considered for storing our work, climate control, cleanliness, keeping the work out of reach of mice and rats and insects of all kinds, not to mention water or fire. Important considerations. 


One of the best storage solutions for myself is in a rented storage space. It is a decent size shelter where I keep party easels, blank canvases, frames and any artwork I feel can stand the heat of the metal building they are stored in. The building, however, is insulated because on the hottest days the temperature inside isn’t bad. 


So, I feel the artwork is safe there. The actual storage space is very tight with a large sliding door, and it seems to be relatively dust-free. The monthly charge for the space isn’t astronomical, so I felt it was a safe and satisfactory solution to my storage issues. I use this space exclusively for art materials and work. If we work proficiently at all there will naturally be an accumulation of work.


If your work is all drawings, there are cupboards with flat drawers that could accommodate drawing paper of very large sizes. The best thing in this instance is don’t frame the work until need be they will take up less space lying flat in a drawer. Sculptors may have different issues depending on the size of their work. 


Some work can be quite large then the space needed for those would be a different issue. Work storage can be important. We don’t want to complete these pieces then disregard the care and respect to keep them nice for future use. Consider how you will keep your work in pristine condition for your next show or sale, or perhaps your own personal collection.

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