We are all familiar with the work of Frida Kahlo. Frida’s amazing work is way beyond fabulous. She was a lot more accomplished than she gave herself credit for. She always questioned her ability but kept on painting, thank goodness for all of us. 


I have a suspicion that was because she lived under the notoriety and success of Deigo. He was already widely known and respected when she met him, and she was just beginning in her career. Frida lived a rather sheltered life in Mexico until she met Diego. 


She then traveled with him to the USA and Paris for his commission work for murals. She did not like the US and wanted desperately to return home. When André Breton tried, in 1939, to make her a surrealist painter, on the occasion of the exhibition on Mexico in Paris, Kahlo reacted quickly, she said “They thought I was a surrealist, but I was not.


I never painted dreams, I painted my reality.” The artist’s style is heterogeneous, that is to say, it is composed of several different styles, mixed together and producing a unique, original painting whose strength and grandeur resonate to us. Frida’s work was wonderfully eclectic including blends of self-portraits, realism, Mexican traditions, political and feminist commitment. 


It is really difficult and unfair to her to try to categorize her style. While some try to categorize her as a surrealist, or realist, her style fits more into the slot of magic realism. I’m saying so because her paintings are irrational, strange and magical.

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