It seems most of us are always looking forward to what will be coming next. Many of us have very busy lives that require a thorough and careful planning process to keep us going to where we need to be and on time at that. One of the professions that requires this the most is being a teacher. You must remain at least one step ahead, usually three or four steps is preferable. Teachers HAVE to be planners.


We must know what we are doing at least a week ahead, and usually more than that. That is just daily classroom time. Most of us are looking at the whole year. Where to start with students and what the goal is you want to meet with them. Much of this is not decided by the teacher but by the school, district, and state. We are pretty much told what is expected and it is our job to facilitate the students getting there. A big responsibility. This is just the tip of the iceberg. These are the academic requirements. Of course, like any other school there are all kinds of things that come up the teacher is heavily involved in if not responsible for – Back-to-school night, Holiday program, talent shows, field trips, assemblies, teachers’ meetings and PLC meetings, students of the month, special projects such as science fairs or contests. There is never a dull moment nor much free time to think of anything else but school during the year. Definitely not complaining here, just saying these are most common duties of a teacher besides teaching the students.


With all of this, you are probably asking yourself how do they do it? The key here is organization. A teacher HAS to be organized and keep things in sequential order always keeping the eye above the horizon line, so awareness is always present. A teacher cannot let things get behind or it is very difficult if not impossible to get caught up. A lot of this is not taught in college, so some beginning teachers find difficulty right off because they are overwhelmed. Some people say teachers are over-paid for their jobs because they get summers off. But, not true! The summer is where professional development classes are taken, and/or planning for the upcoming year. Summer does not usually mean a break! May 8 is Teacher Appreciation Day. If you know a teacher, take time to say thanks for the hard work they do for kids!

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