Does it really do us any good as artists to study another artist’s work? What are your feelings or opinions on this? Do you think it is “stealing” to look for different tricks on how to draw or paint something from someone else? If you look at this from a learning standpoint, how could it possibly be wrong? 


I would think if someone studied my work for ideas on tricks or color mixing, or use of the brush, I would be flattered. But that may be just me. When you think about what we do as artists, aren’t we sharing with the world how we make our art? We don’t lock it in a closet so no other person can see it, we don’t want to hide what we do. 


My experience with artists is most, and notice I didn’t say all, are willing to share what they know with others. This is why we do demonstrations or teach others what we know and how we do it. If no one wanted to teach us anything about painting or drawing, or sculpting or composing music, all of it would end. Some of us are capable of teaching ourselves and conquering stumbling blocks, but most of us take lessons from other artists to learn. 


There are several ways to do this. Not all of it has to be attending a class somewhere. Visit galleries and museums, study the masters, and people not so well known but are truly amazing artists. Everyone has something to share. Always be on the lookout for a different way to handle paint, or tone and shadow a pencil drawing. Museums and galleries are two of the best places to study art. 


Artists set up easels in the Louvre and paint directly from the masters. What a daunting experience that would be! Their work looked amazing; I am sure they were advanced art students at the local art school in Paris. Evidently the museum allows this with permission. Another way to study is through art books. This is something you can go back to for reference. 


It’s a great way to learn new things. Advanced artists do it all the time, the learning never stops just because you become adept at your craft. There are always new discoveries and something new there to learn. 


The internet as well of course, is a great way to research and study. You can find almost anything you want there any day or any time. Never feel guilty studying from someone else’s work. Everyone has something to offer, and you will always have something new to learn.

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