As artists it is probably safe to say most of us learn at least visually, and no doubt in other ways as well. Some people are stronger in certain learning modalities than others, others are pretty balanced. But most people have a more predominant way to learn and maintain information. 

The challenge for the teacher is to teach to reach each child, or in some cases, adults in the class so the gist and comprehension of the teaching sticks. This is a huge challenge for not only learning modalities, but also for academic levels, second language students, and special ed. The responsibility lies with the teacher to do this, and it can be quite daunting if the teacher isn’t aware of all these areas that need to be addressed. One great way to accomplish this, of course, is to integrate Art with all core subjects. This can easily be done with a little training.

This commentary, however, is directed at the different learning modalities we all have. To embrace all the different areas of learning would take several commentaries.


We use the visual mode when we process information in the form of images that communicate major points, provide evidence or reasoning, and show relationships between ideas. 

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