Like artists trying to think of something to paint or draw, art teachers too may struggle a bit with what to teach. The field is just as wide and available for both to choose a subject for the topic. We have discussed at length choosing a motif to draw or paint. 


Of course, in education you can always integrate your lessons with a theme from the core standards being taught in the classroom. If you don’t know what the students are learning presently, it is easy to have a discussion with the classroom teacher to find out. 


Collaboration with the teacher not only helps you but also to help tie art projects to the students’ curriculum. It has been my experience that teachers are appreciative of help in this area. It may also depend on the time of year you are planning for. Time of year and grade level. 


In the beginning of the year, it is wise to teach and/or review the Arts Elements and Principles. If it is a young group, they may not have heard of the elements and principles at all yet. Even if re-teaching it is a good idea to review so students will retain this information. 


There are many directions you can go with this approach. If you choose to teach something seasonal you can still tie in the elements and principles with any seasonal subject. The kids love doing seasonal so rather than just a cut and paste lesson tie it to something meaningful to support student learning. 


If you are required to submit lesson plans the chances are admin will expect to see standards sited on your plans. Using the standards can help you plan if you are having struggles with coming up with fresh ideas. There is heavy emphasis these days on art process rather than product so using the standards as a guiding light can help you make these important decisions as well as keeping your grade levels on track. 


Some tips to help with basic planning for your art lessons. Keep lessons focused and concise. None of us have extra minutes to waste in our tight art period time spent with our students.

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