Artists have different ways of going about their work. Depending on the medium the artist works in does make a difference, but in the mental approaches to this work the medium is secondary to the thinking strategies used to create the work. Contrary to what some people think, artwork is not harem skarem or haphazard. There is a method to it, and it does take a lot of concentration and thought.

With that in mind, the question here is when does the artist take an assessment of the plan for the proposed piece? Truth is that assessment occurs in many different places as the artist proceeds. To clarify here, assessment in this sense is not “testing” but analysis. Long before the artist touches the canvas, the sculpture or the writing, there is a period of serious thought about the way to move ahead after decisions have been made to what the goal is.  As I have said many times before, this is not in stone by any means, everyone works differently. But usually, let’s say, there is a plan to put the project into motion.

For a painter, this plan could mean many things: size of canvas or paper, colors (this may change as the project progresses), composition as well as motif. All of this is relevant to the success of the piece. As said, color is fluid and can change as the piece grows, but canvas or paper size will not. This is important right in the beginning of the process. 

After all of this, composition must be considered and worked out. It is best to decide this before beginning, but there are times when even this can change during work. Normally not big changes, but again that can happen too. It’s the artist’s prerogative to do this.

Depending on what the motif is, the artist can change almost any part of the composition as far as expression of a sitter, additions, or deletions to details within the composition, and of course color may be affected by these changes. Even the location of the sun will change everything if moved in the sky. 

In a nutshell, assessment of the work in progress happens every step of the way. It is on-going and important to the success of the piece. Only the artist can make these decisions, and realizes the consequences of making severe changes as the progress happens.

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