In answer to the question what your favorite classical piece of music may be, this question could lead to different approaches. It would only seem natural to consider who wrote the music, of course. The composer is where the music originates. If you have any history or passion for classical music, you know this to be true. The answer then would go hand-in-hand, piece with composer. 


With other areas of music this answer could lie with the performer. The performers of popular music may or may not have written their own music. So as a favorite you would be looking at more of the style or performance of the music rather than the composer. 


It goes without saying the composers of classical music aren’t around anymore so naturally they won’t be performing their own music. Wouldn’t it be cool if they were! Many of us favor several types of music, not just one kind. These styles may not even be anything similar and don’t have to be for someone to be multi-versed in their choice of music. 


The art of music is extremely versatile. This is the beauty of the arts. One can love the work of more than one visual artist too and the styles may not even be similar. We have the freedom to enjoy whatever pleases us. While working on paintings I have a wide variety of choices for music. 


It depends entirely on what the work is the mood I want to set for myself. The mood of the pieces of artwork is closely related to what I hear and/or feel while working on them. This is a good reason to have several pieces of artwork going at the same time, so your mood fits the work. I guess the work is rather controlling that way, isn’t it? Not a bad thing as long as you deep down are the controller. 


One of my favorite artists, Georgia O’Keeffe always worked to music. You can actually almost hear the music as you view her work. The lyrical feel of the music is evident in the paint. She worked a lot with classical music. The arts are so tied to each other we really cannot separate them. This is the reason artists of all mediums are very similar in nature.

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